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Milton huck said, take these noble Christian Louboutin shoes favorite practical thing to show off their status. For example, in order to show the privilege of noble status, they usually wear some of the most luxurious, but there is no actual effect is not comfortable Christian Louboutin shoes "They don't need to work, they also don't walk."
Speaking of Christian Louboutin wedding shoes the most famous shoes in the history of collectors, Imelda marcus (Imelda Marcos) first French king Louis xiv. Even though Christian Louboutin mens shoes Louis xiv is one of the great king, but he was only 5 feet 4 inches tall (63 m). In many exquisite painting describe fight scene, he passed the high-heeled shoes to increase the height of Christian Louboutin shoes on sale 4 inches (10 cm).
The noble like the upper and sole were dyed red. Very expensive and rich military color because red dye. So in 1661 Charles ii was crowned as, he wears Christian Louboutin men shoes a pair of giant French red high heels. Although he was tall already more than 6 feet (85 m).