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Film and television drama from the Christian Louboutin shoes man or the goddess has not fresh, and set both a rouge tiger has quietly become the most popular with the audience. They can wear high Versace dress, stamped on the red shoes YSL bag in hand, elegant cheap Christian Louboutin shoes and wander in the fashion party, social talk there is no green, can instantly guns demolish ammunition assembly,Christian Louboutin wedding shoes do not pay attention to when a recruit the enemy fatal, than their goddess, than female elegant man, they are the most dangerous and most charming rouge tiger.

In the 007 series of rouge tiger, Christian Louboutin mens shoes but palmer's appearance is very impressive, originally a black suit vocational rationality, suddenly a purple dress charming and sexy, said it is no wonder that she is a real bond first love, costume Christian Louboutin shoes on sale designer lindy hemming, decided to use her clothes to salute old movies, palmer on two sets of clothes to wear, is a set of armani, the other is a fashion designer's own design, can let person couplet remember Katharine Hepburn. Weiss, dressed in evening gowns when there will be some action scenes, including a set of black evening dress is Versace design and production.
Hamming also designed her lake como in Italy Christian Louboutin men shoes sanatoria clothes and bond in Venice following her when she's wearing a red skirt, in order to bond can be found in the crowd, the one with red, costume design must ensure that no extras dressed in red clothes.